Friday, March 28, 2014

Home sweet home!

Today we had to drive to East Bay to pick  up some things from the moving company, so we stopped at the Tesla factory in Fremont to use the supercharger. This is where Warp Drive was born! There are dozens of Model S's here. It is amazing!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We did it. Warp Drive has seen the 101, the 280, and El Camino Real for the first time!

Final stats for the trip:
Miles Driven: 3883.7
Energy used: 1.36 MegaWatt-hours
Average energy usage: 351 Watt-hours per mile
Number of superchargers visited: 30
Total hours driven: 65.8
Total charging time: 23 hours
States visited: 14

We're currently staying in temporary housing until we find a suitable house or apartment to rent. To celebrate our trip, we opened our bottle of Wall Drug Cabernet:

We have about 1000 (literally) more pictures of the trip, as well as some statistics and more thoughts on EV driving and Tesla to come, so keep checking back on this blog for the next few days to see more as we get settled in Silicon Valley. We also plan to keep posting more pics of Gambol, Warp Drive, and Chris & Shannon's adventures, so check back frequently! Special thanks to Matt, Hart, Teresa, Deb, Sam, Dennis, and all the other Model S owners and Tesla enthusiasts that we met along the way. Thanks for reading and sharing our trip with us. Good night from San Francisco Bay!


We are at our 30th and final supercharger in Gilroy, CA. On the way here, you drive past a beautiful lush landscape by the San Luis Reservoir.

Gilroy has 10 charging stalls as well as other public charging stations. We ran into another Model S owner, from the east coast! Superchargers have turned out to be a fun place to meet new people, exchange Tesla tips and stories, and learn about cool new places to visit. Now we're off to our final destination!

Almost there!

About to leave Harris Ranch in Coalinga, CA. On the way up California, we passed a huge windmill farm, even bigger than the ones in Minnesota. They are way off in the distance here:

We also passed a huge military tank convoy. Pics later. We're in the Central Valley now - beautiful fruit and nut orchards. We met up with some more people at the superchargers here and had a great chat about the west coast, Tesla, and other things. Here's Gambol in Coalinga:

First solar canopy

Hung out at the Tejon Ranch supercharger with 3 other Model S's! This is the first charger we've seen with a solar canopy. Blue is the popular Model S color of the day. 

Tesla or bust!

We decided not to go to Vegas - too complicated with a dog, and no time to see things. Instead, we got to try one of the longest supercharger routes - Kingman, AZ to Barstow, CA, about 210 miles. In a strong headwind, this can be tricky in a Model S, but we made it easily with plenty of miles to spare. The Country Inn at the Barstow supercharger is dog-friendly and has an amazing breakfast. 
Today is our last day! We hit Tejon Ranch in Lebec, CA, then Harris Ranch in Coalinga, CA, then Gilroy, CA, and finally Palo Alto! We should be there around 6pm if all goes well, but there's a major wind advisory in our area so who knows what will happen? Tesla or bust!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Warming up!

Made it to Kingman, AZ in record time. Here's the beautiful view from the supercharger. I'll leave it as a surprise where we go next.