Saturday, March 22, 2014

Turning left!

After a detour at Wall Drug, where we got fresh donuts and a buffalo hot dog (but no 5c coffee or free ice water, despite the billboards' claims), we are now charging in Rapid City, South Dakota. Our journey along Route 90 is over. Now it's time to turn south towards Wyoming. Next stop, Mount Rushmore!


  1. Amazing car! Thanks for stopping to chat with us! We were literally just talking about how many people in our city had chargers at their houses. Lawerence said, "Look, it's a Tesla charging station. Look, IT'S A TESLA!" He almost crashed the car and I started WAVING like crazy. How awesome is our world now? 

  2. We were glad to see you! It's awesome to see people so enthusiastic about Tesla. I'm pretty sure they really are going to change the world.

  3. A new phenom: Tesla gawking crashes?