Saturday, March 22, 2014


Yesterday was by far our longest day, with almost 600 miles driven. We crossed both the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers! The word of the day was wind. Almost every leg used well over 400 Wh/mi, and the noise while driving was pretty loud. Cross-country Tesla drivers will be very happy when the supercharger network expands to the southern states later this year!

If you're never been up in this area of the US, Minnesota is full of wind farms. Some have hundreds of giant windmills that stretch pretty much as far as you can see. South Dakota is full of billboards for strange places like the Corn Palace, Buffalo Herd Adventures, and the world(?) famous Wall Drug, which we'll be passing this morning.

Day 4 takes us through Rapid City, SD. We'll pass Mount Rushmore before heading south to charge in Lusk, WY and Cheyenne, WY. Then we are meeting some family in Boulder for the evening. Warp Drive onward!


  1. Wall Drug is a pretty cool place.

  2. Keep warm. I hear there's quite a feast waiting for you in Boulder - and well deserved!!!

  3. btw - still no sightings of more Tesla's or other electric cars? They must all live on the edge and not so much in the middle??

  4. Still no more Teslas in sight. They only ones we've seen were the ones at the Tesla store and the other cross-country traveler from day one.