Monday, March 24, 2014

Utah hospitality

The Blanding, UT supercharger was a great surprise. We didn't expect much, but the visitor center was actually really nice. The people inside were very excited about Tesla and were so nice to us. This was the first supercharger in Utah and they get lots of Tesla visitors through here. The whole visitor center facility is powered by a solar array:

Several passerby were excited to see that Tesla charging stations seem to be "everywhere, even Blanding!"  Gambol made some new friends and saw a dachshund cousin. 
We are starting to see why the supercharger route winds around the way it does. We're so glad we got to see these amazing sites! Here's just a tiny bit of the views we passed along the way. 


  1. a coatless Gambol and a solar array! Feel like its been a big, big day - you've crossed some kind of temperature/technology border and things are changing... Was it a Solar City powered arrray??

  2. Heh, amazing sites, amazing sights. Works both ways!

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