Sunday, March 23, 2014

There are others!

One red Model S was already charging when we arrived at Grand Junction, CO, and after they left another one pulled in! The latter was brand new, still with temp tags. We also talked to an awesome and enthusiastic Chevy Volt family that drove up. Curiously, a Mustang decided to park in one of the supercharger stalls, despite having literally hundreds of empty spots available. Driver appeared to be affected by certain recently legalized Colorado substances. Still plenty of charging spots left though!
Also, we have a working theory that all superchargers are within 2-5 miles of an Outback Steakhouse. Here's one behind Gambol. 

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  1. I must say, Gambol has taken to posing so naturally. Modeling may be in his future. Hook him up with an agent when you get to CA!