Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gambol meets Tesla

The Highland Park supercharger is at a Tesla store/service center, so Gambol got to come inside and show off for his owner's future coworkers. He was a big hit! 

The mobile blogger app is failing at comment replies, so to address some questions so far: some superchargers have solar canopies, but all the ones we've been to have been tied to the grid. I believe it's 3-phase power at 1000A, but I can't remember the details currently. Many of them have been in shopping plazas where there is green grass for Gambol. His favorite so far is probably Somerset, but only because he got French fries there :) His pics show him in a grey Thunder Shirt that he got new for this trip, but he also has a canvas WeathaBeeta blanket for the cold. He won't be needing that in California!

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  1. Looks like things are going well so far.

    This is my prediction for what happens somewhere in South Dakota.