Sunday, March 23, 2014

Best drive yet!

We had an amazing morning. First we met fellow Tesla ambassadors Hart and Teresa, who graciously invited us for breakfast at their beautiful home. Hart is a huge Tesla fan and very knowledgable about the surrounding superchargers. We also got to plug into his 50A charger and get some extra juice for our climb into the mountains. Hart and Teresa, thanks so much again! Here's Chris, Hart, Teresa, and Gambol. Their car is a lot cleaner than ours after the snowstorm we drove through last night!
Then we visited another friend in Lafayette. His kids loved the Tesla! Here's Dr. Matt, another of the smartest people I know. 
Finally we drove through the mountains into Silverthorne. It was absolutely beautiful. We climbed to 11000 feet and then drove a 7% grade for 7 miles! Other cars have to ride their brakes the whole way down, but the Tesla just regenerates power for braking. We actually gained 9 miles of range on the way down and never had to touch the brakes. Here's our energy graph at the end. Orange means we were using power, and green means we were gaining it back. 
And as always, Gambol at the supercharger in this beautiful town. 

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