Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meteor Crater!!

We've been excited about Meteor Crater ever since we started planning the trip. It did not disappoint. It is enormous. Over 500 ft deep! You could fit 20 football fields in the bottom. If you come here, bring a wide, wide angle lens. 

They don't allow dogs inside, so we had to take turns visiting. There is so much to see that we were each inside for almost an hour. Even with 2 hours sitting in the parking lot with the a/c on, we only used 5 miles of range. The Tesla a/c is really efficient. 
Stopping for a quick charge in Flagstaff, AZ. Later we'll have to decide whether to hit Vegas (baby) or not. Just for Jordan from a comment on an earlier post, we made sure to get Warp Drive fully in a legal parking spot. Good luck on your own driving test, Jordan!