Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Here's Gambol at the Maumee, OH supercharger. It's freezing cold so we'll be waiting inside! The ride here was uphill and super windy so we had our highest energy usage so far, 414 Wh/mi. 

Forgot a funny story from between Somerset PA and Macedonia OH. Some kind of station wagon with a turbocharger on it pulled up next to us on the highway and gave a big thumbs up. He indicated he wanted us to show him what the car could do so I briefly gave him a Tesla grin as we bolted from 70 mph to ... something higher than that :) He valiantly tried to keep up but failed with a noisy rumble of his engines. Then he gave us a huge wave and sped off. Everyone loves a Tesla!


  1. Although I really want to ask something serious about charging or car performance - quite frankly I'm going to ask: how many coats does Gambol own? And are there any green spaces near the charging spaces? I had read that Solar City's technologies fueled stations - tell me about that? When are you plugged into solar and when are you plugged into the grid? And mostly - what's Gambol's take on the best designed charging stations???

  2. And I'm going to ask what does Wh/mi mean and indicate?

  3. Watt hours/mile - it's the electric car equivalent of miles per gallon.