Saturday, March 22, 2014

My God - it's full of cows

This is pretty much what most of our ~500 miles looked like today. South Dakota and Wyoming have a lot of cows. The highway was a two lane road with almost no cars on it, 70/75 mph speed limit, a strange red pavement, and fields stretching as far as you can see in all directions. No houses, no people, just cows. And one crazy pheasant that tried to run right in front of us; the Tesla brakes work great! 

We did get to see a couple cool sites, Mount Rushmore being the highlight:

A while after that, we crossed into this town:

We planned to make it all the way to Boulder, but the snow storm near Rushmore really slowed us down and we were too tired by the time we reached Cheyenne, so we're staying there for the night. We reached the halfway point in our trip today. Tomorrow we will conquer Colorado!


  1. I love these photos-especially Mt Rushmore. It's breathtaking even from this photograph! What a wonderful adventure you're on. It looks like Gambol is actually enjoying the trip. How's he doing?

  2. Mt. Rushmore in the snow?!? That's awesome. Dis your service dog in training join you?