Saturday, March 22, 2014

Traction control test complete

Mount Rushmore was totally worth the short detour, even though it was a little hard to see in the fog. On the way to Lusk, WY from Rushmore, we drove straight through a winter storm. The most exciting (?) part was the 7 percent grade slope for 1/4 mile on the way down the mountain in snow-covered roads, crawling along at 5mph. Down the mountain we got regenerative braking the whole way. Our energy graph has the same peaks and valleys as the mountain range. Will post pictures later. 

There was no cell service for almost the entire drive, which meant no Slacker internet radio in the Tesla either. We tried the radio - there is exactly one station, 99.5 "Black Hills Country". The weather forecast consisted of "chance of snow tonight, 14 degrees". We also passed a sign for a "roadside table", which I took to mean a Mesa or some rock formation. Nope, it was literally a picnic table on the side of the road. There were also herds of antelope on the drive. 

There's a Tesla service tech working on one of the stations in Lusk, WY, but the one we're plugged into is working fine. It turns out he works at the same place I'm going to in Palo Alto. I got to see some inside details of the supercharger workings, but I can't tell you. Sorry!

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  1. Ethan and I probably saw that same roadside table when we drove out SF in '98.